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How safe are your home electrics?

3rd Jul 2013

Unless a problem arises, the chances are you will never give the electrics in your home a second thought. But if you live in, or are looking to buy an older house or you have lived in your home more than ten years and have never had an electrical survey then it’s time you did.

Unsafe electrical installations are responsible for causing hundreds of accidents and thousands of household fires every year. This is a scary statistic and one that could be prevented with a simple electrical inspection. It is normal practice to inspect the electrics in a domestic property every ten years or when the property changes hands. If you have recently moved into a property and you are unsure when your electrics were last tested there should be a notice fixed near the fuse board. If this isn’t the case make sure you call a reliable electrician to perform a full electrical inspection.

JMC Electrical Services are qualified to perform such an electrical inspection. It is a straightforward process and one that will put your mind at ease. Find out more about our electrical inspection services.

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