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LED Lighting in your home

4th Aug 2013

It can work out very cost-effective for you to replace your conventional lighting with LED lighting.

LED lights are now widely available and they are becoming increasingly popular because of a number of factors including energy efficiency and significant cost savings. Typically a 50W conventional light fitting can be replaced with a 5W LED fitting to produce the same light output. The LED version will also typically give an operating life in excess of 30,000 hours and produce very little heat.

If you are considering new lighting an any area of your home, please call us for some advice. LED technology has moved forward greatly over the last few years and the cost of replacing your lighting with LED lighting is now much more affordable.

Whether it be a single outside floodlight or multiple dimmable downlighters, JMC Electrical can supply and install your LED lighting.

All our work will be carried out and certified to the latest wiring regulations and in the case of domestic work where the work falls under Part P of the building regulations a compliance certificate will be issued.

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