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IT Networking solutions

Do you need a new IT infrastructure installing from scratch?
Are you upgrading an old network?
Are you expanding your existing network?
Please give us a call to arrange a site survey or quotation to install the network to suit your requirements.

Structured Cabling

A structured cabling system is a system of cabling that is designed to be device independent. It is cabling system, usually comprised of Cat5e or Cat6 cable. Fibre optic cabling systems are now also becoming commonplace to provide for higher bandwidth requirements. A typical structured cabling system would provide both computer networking and also telecommunication facilities. Cables are run from central patch panels to RJ45 socket outlets distributed around the building.

Server colocation

Working in association with a local data centre, we can provide server colocation in a full feature data centre, whether your requirement is for a 1U server, a full rack, or indeed multiple racks, we can offer the right solution to meet your exacting requirements. This together with 24/7 access and telephone support completes the perfect solution for your colocation needs. Please call us on 01743 817302 for more information.